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[Mod Post] Functionality Update

          You may have noticed that the community has a new look! This layout should be easier to read and more organized than the former layout. If anyone has any issues with this layout, please let me know. I think it's important that we have something neat and usable, so I'd really like any feedback.

          You may also notice that I killed off the creepy gothic girl icon. I think the new icon is a better representation of the community, but I welcome anyone to submit (via a link in a comment or LiveJournal private message) their own Chicago- and lolita-themed icons. Perhaps we can rotate to a new icon every month or so? I wish we could use them for posts (especially 'cause I made a creepy Sears Tower icon that I'd love to use), but I can't seem to find a way to do so.

          In addition, I would like to introduce a tagging system to organize posts. I don't mind tagging entries for you, but if you can do it you might be more creative than I am. Please include the following when tagging your entry:
1. City/Town Location (either Chicago or the suburb name)
2. Specific Location (if it's a particular restaurant, garden, etc.)
3. General Idea (Are we meeting for dinner, having tea, doing crafts? Tag it!)
4. Price Range (Free, or the general range in the format of $7-$9, etc.)

          Last, but certainly not least, the link list on the community's main page will list all upcoming meetups. That way even if you don't watch the community like a hawk, you don't have to miss knowing about an event!

          If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'd like the community to be more functional and useful to the members. :3
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