January 24th, 2010


Valentine's Lunch Details <3

Here are some suggestions by venus_di_scuro  (Thank you!!!) :

"If we're doing the rink on Cali, I've found the Chicago Park District info, including prices, times, etc.

***I've found 3 interesting restaurant options around the rink:

1. Cousin's Incredible Vitality, 3038 West Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL 60618 (Cousin's Incredible Vitality Raw Food Restaurant), or ten minutes walking: http://www.cousinsiv.com/
Menu: http://www.allmenus.com/il/chicago/250387-cousins-incredible-vitality-/menu/

2. Lutz Continental Cafe and Pastry, 2458 W Montrose Ave (btwn campbell st & western ave), which is around 20 minutes walking, as well as around 20 minutes via one, or two, CTA buses: http://www.lutzcafe.com/
Menu: http://www.menutopia.com/GetMenu.m?vendorId=6269

3. Sanook, 2845 West Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL 60618-3624, or five minutes away walking distance: The er-website(http://www.sanookchicago.com/) appears to be down. ^_^"
Menu: http://sanooksushiandthai.grubhub.com/

Lunch estimate: $10.00, but entrees appear to be hovering around $5.00
However, maybe some of us don't mind sharing stuff? Appetizer types, not fork foods, of course. Or, we can all put in 5-10 and hope it covers the bill or something. I have NOT looked into discounts YET, btw, so if you see any on the sites, or Google any coupons/codewords... ^.^"
Rink skate fees and rental: $8.00
Not sure about any Park District discounts.
Transportation: The CTA One Day Pass, giving you unlimited rides for 24 hrs, is $5.75 right now(BOO!) and the eateries appear to be off the red line + a bus, and then walking for 2 minutes on an "Unknown road"(Lol, I'm sure it has a name, Google Maps is just useless sometimes). I don't really ride the Metra so I can't tell you much there, and if anyone who CAN drive is up for carpooling, reasonably of course, do mention and maybe everyone can chip in for gas. XD
Total estimate: $24.00, for a day with your girls! >:D"

Personally, I like #1 and #3 best. What does everyone else think?


Gah! I was trying to edit this entry, and then it deleted everything on me AFTER I saved it O.O That was not my intention.

Regardless, I wanted to add an edit that said the following:

This meet is canceled unless a less expensive restaurant can be agreed upon.

(Is LJ being buggy for anyone else?)
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Feeler post for springtime tea meetup :3

Hi all,

I will be organizing a springtime afternoon tea gathering at Pinecone Cottage in Downers Grove. (The location is RIGHT by the Metra station, for all the lovely city-dwelling lolitas. :D) This will probably take place sometime around the weekend of April 25-26.

The food and tea are excellent (the menu changes monthly and the owner uses many ingredients grown in her own garden) and the place is really cutely decorated; it would fit well with country or classic lolita but of course all styles are welcome. :)

If weather permits, we can do an outdoor photoshoot either before or after.

Logistics: Cost will be approximately $30 per person including tax and gratuity; I will get an exact figure once I know how many people are interested. The tea room can seat 32 people max.

If interested, please let me know:

1) How many people
2) Whether you'd prefer Saturday or Sunday (or an alternate date if neither works)
3) Any special dietary needs/preferences

A more detailed info post will follow within a week or two.

Thanks and <3!
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