February 4th, 2010

Alice In Wonderland X Rocky Horror

Alice In Wonderland Night at Rocky Horror!

Yes, that is right!  In celebration of the new Alice in Wonderland movie, we will be performing Rocky Horror as Alice in Wonderland Characters!

Date:  Saturday, February 27 (subject to change)
Time:  11:59PM (But get there at least half an hour early)
Location:  Hollywood Boulevard Theater in Woodridge, IL

Dr.  Frank N. Furter as played by the Queen of Hearts (thats ME) :D
Brad as played by the White Rabbit
Janet as played by Alice
Magenta as played by the March Hare
Riff-Raff as played by the Mad Hatter
Rocky Horror as played by Dweedle Dee
Eddie as played by Dweedle Dum
Columbia as played by the Dormouse
The Criminologist as played by the Cheshire Cat

Just thought I should share this night with you guys!  And of course, you all are more than welcome to dress up too!