February 7th, 2010

Looking to Buy Lolita

Hello all Lolitas who read this post!  I am brand new to LiveJournal, and this is my very first post!  I am looking forward to being Lolita for as long as I can!  I am looking to buy my very first Loli dress/JSK and I wondered if anyone could help me.  I've been to most of the Japanese Lolita brands websites that have English on them, as I'm not fluent in Japanese.  I don't have a PayPal/credit card, so it's impossible for me to buy Loli on the internet, which is the only way I can get it!  I really want to buy a Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Black Peace Now, h.Naoto, Metamorphose, or any other name brand Loli dress/JSK!  Can anyone help me please?  I have money to buy one, but I don't have the means!  Please help a desperate Lolita to obtain her frilly and ribbon decorated addiction!
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