February 13th, 2010

making plans for the spring + summer

i'm working on filling my calendar and i have a few questions for everyone about your plans for nice weather.

first of all the pop travel japan lolita tour is coming up, the payment deadline is about two weeks away. i mentioned it before and some people commented, i was wondering if anyone decided to go on this tour or if you were still thinking about it. i'm still undecided myself :/
info: http://www.popjapantravel.com/tours/39/All_Dolled_Up_-_Gothic_Lolita_Tour_2010

acen stuff~ has anyone else submitted a panel? i haven't been checking the forums but i've seen the posts in acen_gosurori i'd like to know if there are a bunch of loli plans like last year. i still haven't decided to go but i just noticed aural vampire is going to be there~ ha. i'm kind of excited since i used to like them and thought they disbanded. i might go just for that.

i also want to ask about road trips :D last year a road trip out to baby in SF was mentioned and i still like the plan. i have no idea how to actually do this but i've been thinking about going there this summer anyway. i was also thinking if that is an impossible task, maybe we could go up to the wisconsin dells for a weekend.