February 25th, 2010


Anna House Group Order?

Hi everyone-
Would people be interested in a local Anna house order? Bespoken items are welcome. I noticed they have new shoes, so I thought people may want to get them.
 I was told they will do completely custom sizing (hella useful for long limbs and tall people). As far as pricing, I was told that the extra cost for custom size is $40 HKD. If the size is over XL, the extra cost is $80 HKD.
I would be splitting shipping via item number- say you get 2 items and  there's 6 total, you pay 1/3 of shipping.
I could open it to everyone in the US- hopefully to reach 15 items (with 15 items, shipping for each item is just $40 HKD). 
I plan to get two blouses, so technically need 13 more items only :D

Anyway. Let me know if you would want to participate.