March 5th, 2010

HELP! Steampunk Shoot: Male Model Needed!

I am going to be modeling an outfit of my own design (an Aeronaut Lolita) for a Steampunk shoot outside Baraboo, WI.  The photographers on for this shoot are Kathy and Chad of Lone Wolf Studios.  We will be traveling from the La Crosse area for this shoot, which will be sort of in the middle of nowhere.  I can explain this further in a personal message but do not want to publicly post where the shoot will be (hint: forevertron).  I may be able to provide a couple items (such as accesories, perhaps a garment) but cannot supply an entire outfit because I have a very busy schedule.

Any male model near the area that can provide most of an outfit like this is more than welcome to come on.  There will be no financial compensation--for myself as well as the photographers, this is a conceptual shoot to enhance our portfolios as well as yours.  A win-win for all involved =)

If you know anyone who might be interested, or are interested yourself, please contact me!

If this post is unacceptable for the community, feel free to delort