March 9th, 2010

ACen's Khaotic Kouture Fashion Show: Want to be my model?

I asked Janet Pace, the coordinator of the Khaotic Kouture fashion show, if I could provide my own models for outfits I am providing in the Lolita category. It's easier for me to make something to fit a model if I know their size and what they look like, instead of it being more of a blind date. =)

As far as the size of any of my models, if you are between sizes 4 and 14, you're more than welcome to come on.  I will decide which style each of the models will look best in, and ask that, if any models have a shoe size outside of 8.5-10, to provide footwear and perhaps a few accessories.  A hair stylist and makeup artist will be available, so models aren't required to be master beauticians =)

Please include your height, weight, measurements, shoe size, hair color and skin type (olive, alabaster, etc.) as well as a photo and once I pick out my models, I will have each one send a model application form to Janet.  I will actually be in Steampunk Lolita for the event so ... ;)

EDIT: There are several different styles I want to display at the fashion show, including these outfits:

Wa-Loli:  as seen here and here
Sailor Lolita: as seen here
Country Lolita, made from this fabric with a few strawberry accessories (or would this be sweet? gothic? it's black I DON'T KNOW!)
Classical, made from this fabric
Sweet, made from this or this or this (think I might go with the mermaid fabric to offset all the PINK I'm sure will already be in the fashion show)
Gothic--though not sure what I'm going to make it from yet.

LJ user followingwords is my Classical Lolita.
LJ user radtastic is my Country Lolita.
LJ user kytytee is my Wa-Lolita.
LJ user omgwtflexilol's friend is my Gothic Lolita.
LJ users omgwtflexilol and scenicoverthere will also be in the show.