March 28th, 2010

hi xD

Hi my name is Kimora and I live in Chicago I'm new to Lolita and I'm slowly learning my way around. I'm 26 and I'm still a kid in heart I love Lolita. >.< I find myself yelling at ppl about staying nasty things about Loli so I feel I'm a Loli in heart. I don't have a lot stuff yet cause I am waiting for it to get here. I just ordered my first Doll Gothic / Country Lolita: Flower Short Sleeves Cotton Corduroy Dress from f+f and I'm making my jsk to go with it. I'm a plus size girl so there isn't a lot of dresses I can buy but making them it just as good xD, but my favorite Lolita is sweet and goth but the Steam Punk Cyber Industrial Gothic Lolita is cute but as I said I love sweet and goth more xD

Bodyline and Lolita

Ahh, spring.  A time of rebirth and new life.  It's also a time for Lolita!  I am thinking of buying from Bodyline again.  -is shot for saying that-  I know Bodyline isn't a very trustworthy brand.  I know some of their stuff is really bad quality, but some of it isn't.  I bought a very pretty pink JSK that has little flowers all over it from them.  I did receive it 2-3 days later than they said I would, but it's okay since it came overseas.  I admit that the lace isn't the best, and the material is kind of thin, but it's pretty good otherwise.  It's really pretty!  It has two bows where the over the shoulder straps attach.  It comes down to my knees, and it fits like a glove!  The way to tighten it isn't very good though.  It has a sort of tie and make a bow deal, like the way you tie tennis shoes.  And the material kind of puffs out a little around the chest area, but it's not noticeable.  I also ordered a pair of shoes with it.  The shoes are white and have little bows on the heel and on the top by the toes.  The inside soles are pink and it says 'Bodyline' in gold lettering.   I bought a tie and a wrist band/bracelet thing as well.  The tie is black with red lettering and zippers placed on it.  I got it for my friend's birthday.  It's very punk!   The bracelet thing was for another friend.  It snaps around your wrist, and has a scorpion on the area that covers the back of your hand.  It comes down to a ring that goes around your middle finger.  It's pretty cool for only $4!  Ahh, Bodyline is pretty good if you can understand whats good and whats not!  And as a bonus, i'll include a pic of the dress I got!  Soon i'll upload a pic with me wearing it.  Tell me what you think (obviously i got the pink one):

Thanks for reading my silly post!  

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