March 30th, 2010

first post - intro

I am pretty new to LiveJournal, and wow! Lolita heaven? My name is Tina and I am super-excited to come to a meetup and meet some lovely Chicago Lolitas!

I live north of the city and have been interested in Lolita for a year and a half or so. I am sloooowly starting to get some clothes (so expensive! I'm so poor!) and man, it is exciting. I am looking forward to this summer so I can wear lots of lovely dresses.

I tend towards gothic and classic fashion, I like other people in sweet but I think I might be too old for it. Ah well, AP is too little for me anyways. :) I LOVE Mary Magdalene, Innocent World, and Baby's more subdued stuff. Also, AaTP, because PIRATES!

I'll be at ACEN Friday and Saturday, so I hope to see you ladies there!
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