April 24th, 2010

i would like some info on a dress

Hello everyone I'm not to sure if anyone posted this or not, I looking around and i couldn't find it. I'm in love with this dress but I cant find it anywhere and I really want it. I'm trying to get it before Acen. I'm not sure if i will have the time to order it but I might have the time to make it. If anyone know anything about this dress please let me know. I'm apple shape so I think this dress will look very nice on me.

Last minute.........

EDIT: Not going due to bad weather predicted, not going to walk around in the rain in my lolita.
Not to mention finals are coming up and I really should study....
Hello my name is MissLyz and I am a chocolate addict.......
It's REALLY last minute but Friday April 30th (the day before Linmayu's tea party ^_^) there's a Chocolate Festival in Long Grove! There is no fee to get in, it's basically walking around the area to look at shops, it's the same place where Strawberry Festival took place.
If anyone wants to attend Friday April 30th from Noon till 4pm, I will be there with
[info]devilhunter_04 .
(I am just putting it out there if people want to come but if you can't because of money or rides, etc. it's ok!)
There is a Metra that stops in Buffalo Grove, if anyone is taking the train to come over I would be more than happy to pick you up at the train station.
It may be free to get in but bring money for food and most importantly buying some CHOCOLATE!
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