April 29th, 2010

kashimashi, hands

Super last minute meet-up for Friday!

Hi ladies (and a few gents, perhaps?), it's Lindsey (formerly neonnoiseparade. Sorry to post this so last minute, I've been a busy bee! My friend is in town for a few days, and she wanted to attend a meet-up, but we can't afford the tea on Saturday T__T ... so we decided to have a free picnic instead! (and on Friday, so people could possibly do both ;D )

Since the weather on Friday is questionable, I spoke to hellowonderland about alternate plans in case of bad weather - so we can meet-up rain or shine ^__^

So here are the details:
The meet-up will start at noon. If the weather is clear, we will meet up in the gardens out front of the Lincoln Park Zoo near the fountain. If it is rainy, hellowonderland has agreed to offer her place for our picnic ^__^

Bring whatever you would like for your own lunch, and if you wish - a snack to share!

After the picnic we can assess the weather situation, and either go to the Zoo, or indoors to the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Both of which are absolutely free!

I hope some of you can make it on such short notice! (My apologies again!)
Also, pm me for my contact info, and hellowonderland for her address/contact info if you need either.

Hope to see you there! (Under sunny skies!!! *crosses fingers* ...hope I didn't just jinx myself ;p )