April 30th, 2010

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Time tomorrow?

For those going to the tea in Downers Grove tomorrow, I know the idea of meeting early to take pictures if the weather is nice was brought up in the initial post.  Does anyone plan on doing this?

Also, how are people planning on getting there?  I know Ross and I will be taking the Metra out from the city; will anyone else?  There is either a train leaving at 10:30 which gets there around quarter after 11, or a train leaving at 12:30, which gets you there around quarter after one, so I know we at least will be there somewhat early.
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Tea tomorrow--final post

Wow, this day came up fast!

OK. Here's some last-minute info:

Weather looks like it will be awesome tomorrow--sunny with a high of 75! :D I'd like to begin congregating around 1pm for pictures. Downtown Downers Grove is cute and stuff. :3

Driving directions: Map can be found here. Burlington Ave runs parallel to and just south of the Metra tracks. There is plenty of free 2 hour parking right outside the restaurant and on Main Street.

Metra directions: BNSF Railway leaving Union Station at 12:30 will get to Downers Grove Main Street at 1:15. If you miss that one, the 1:30 train will get you there at 2:15.

My cell # is 312-730-5610, please call if you get lost or need anything!

Final guest list in no particular order:

1. treesdancealone - Paid
2. +guest -Paid
3. misslyz -Paid
4. devilhunter_04 -Paid
5. elerronyar -Paid deposit
6. +guest -Paid deposit
7. ninamori_san -Paid deposit
8. artemiscangee -Paid deposit
9. +possible guest
10. [Bad username: blacktempest"]
11. dol_the_elven
12. +guest
13. gracekawaii
14. +guest
15. sugarcakesales
16. aonele -Paid deposit
17. scenicoverthere -Paid deposit
18. pepperdove
19. beautywithin00
20. poichi

For those who have not paid yet, please either paypal me (sarita at raye dot com) by 2pm tomorrow, or bring cash (ideally not credit cards) to the tea.

YAY can't wait to see you all! :D

Milwaukee Lolita Society Dinner

The Milwaukee Lolita Society is getting together for din-din =)

ʎɐpunS, ʎɐɯ 16, 2010
:əɯıʇ 7:00ɯd - 9:00ɯd
:uoıʇɐɔol Honeypie Bakery and Cafe
:ʇəəɹʇS 2643 South Kinnickinnic Avenue
:uʍoʇ/ʎʇıϽ Milwaukee, WI

I'll pretty much be going there right after ACen.  Hope you can join us, I would love to meet more of you!