May 5th, 2010

High Voltage

International Lolita Day is June 5!

          I just remembered that Saturday, June 5 will be the spring/summer International Lolita Day! Although this isn't an "official" or "national" holiday, it was adopted by egl~ This concept was masterminded by our own kuroloki (formerly kittyhot)--let's show some Chicago-area spirit~

          What are some suggestions for this event? Shall we try to arrange a tea, have a picnic, visit a botanical garden, etc.? Tell me how you'd like to celebrate! ♥

Some summer ideas? Bad or good idea?

Hi all, as the gawwwjuhs weather is upon us now, seems it would be fun to do more outdoor stuff. And I thought maybe going to the fair would be really cool? Sandwich fair is what I was thinking, theres an Antiques fair too, admission is $5 for antiques and $7 for the regular fair, tons of things like rides games etc and of course contests, parties karaoke you name it!

Antique fairs are held once a month on sunday, the main fair is in September for a week, usually around sept 8th or so.

Anyways I know its a while a way but is this a good idea?

in Sandwich, Illinois lol