May 16th, 2010

Antique Fair- updated! Here are the dates!

Hi lovelies, here is the link for the antique fair.

The dates are as follows:

2010 Dates:    April 25 -- May 16 -- June 20 -- July 25 -- August 22 -- September 26 -- October 24 
(All sundays)

Since April and May's date is over now, lets shoot for June, July , or August. :)

let me know who'd like to go and what day !
It's a very charming show, I went last year and got some lovely items to decorate with.

Price for entry is $5, I'm not sure if thats $5 per person or per car. *considers hiding lolis in trunk to save on admission*

New! Itinerary:

Antique fair (roughly all day, earlier is better selection though!)

after this, I thought'd we'd either have lunch at the fair, or if you prefer something healthier, we could go to a cafe in town, and then walk around the many antique shops and the Antique mall in town. And Sandwich has got a nice oldfashioned flair to it, though we will probably get quite a few stares. (don't we always!)
Then the city gals can catch the last train, we will arrange transportation to the train station.