May 18th, 2010

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Another meet for June 12th?

Hey girls, I was wondering if anyone would be up for another meet at the Pinecone Cottage on the 12th of June? For those of you that missed it, it's the last lolita meet we had before Acen, and a lot of us (dare I say all of us) who went had a lot of fun that day. I've booked the place again for June 12th for anyone who's interested!

Right now this is just a feelers post. Please comment if you would like to come! Also post if you're going to be bring a guest or two :] For those of you who just saw this, you can refer to Linmayu's old meet-up planning post here for more info like where is Pinecone Cottage, what is it like, how much ballpark it costs per person, etc. I will post an official meet up post later once I can gauge about how many people are interested. Also, in reality there's about 20 spots open because I will also be inviting people outside of this community (ie family and other friends) to this party, so RSVP if you'd like to come!!

Also for those who might be wondering: I did say in a previous post that it's for my birthday, but you are not required to bring a gift at all. If anything, I would rather everyone just pay for their own tea as their gift to me XD; Please just bring your presence and enjoyable company, and that'll be gift enough for me :]

List of people interested so far:
1) kimiboo + guests.
2) lady_saltina 
3) hellowonderland + guest.
4) misslyz 
5) devilhunter_04 
6) yoshikiart (vegan)
7) Alex
8) Myself
9) Mom
10) Brother
11) Kime
12) Stephanie
13) Jessica

I frigging HATE LJ formatting T_Tyosihkiart
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Lush mini-outing?

Summertime Chicago mini-outing next saturday on the 29th (location is El accessible by brown line):

Trip to the Armitage location Lush store & local window shopping on Saturday afternoon. Would anybody like to join me? I’ll be heading out to buy some Lush and window-shop (lots of cute boutiques and stores in the area) on May 29th at 12:00 and if anybody would like to join me please speak up :) For those not familiar with Lush, follow me behind the magic cut-tag Collapse )

also on the itinerary is a trip to Vosges!
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