May 19th, 2010

Six Flags Great America picnic

Ok I'm planning a picnic at Six Flags Great America on June 26, it would cost $60 dollars to go the money would cover you getting in, a buffet, and your way to and from six flags. I will order a school bus from the company I work at and I will be the one driving I need at least 25-30 people to go in order to book the spot for the picnic. Please tell me if your interested in going.

(edit) if there are girls that really want to go and need for me to push the trip back I will and I mean really want to go( I will be back in Chicago for 2weeks in July then I'm leaving again) I have to know what date the first weekend of July I will be at Anime Expo in California. So July 9-11 or July 16-18, unless your willing to go on the weekday but I know some have school or work so the weekends are best.

This post is the feeler until I come up with 10 girls or a better date I will post again.