May 25th, 2010

High Voltage

Ice Cream Social

          Would anyone be interested in an ice cream social? Everyone would bring ice cream or toppings, we could gather at one of the beaches or parks, and make sundaes! I love ice cream socials, but I haven't been to one since grammar school. This would be held in the city of Chicago.

          We could also work in a small game or other activity to do in-between ice-cream-ness. This would be a great opportunity to play that game where you stick tags on other player's backs and trying to collect them by asking yes-or-no questions about which one is on your back. We could use ice cream flavors as the theme! I'm dying to play croquet but don't have a set. ;_; I'd also love a water-balloon-fight, but I don't necessarily think anyone but me would be okay with getting their lolita garments wet. Any other ideas for games or activities? I do love sitting around and talking with everyone, but summer makes me want to do something fun and somewhat silly~

          Maybe we could use this as an excuse to celebrate a lot of the summer birthdays at once? Who has a summer birthday? I know there are a few!

          I was hoping to arrange this for a Saturday in July. Not on the 24, as that is the date the meet & greet is planned, and not on the 3 because it's too close to Fourth of July. This leaves:

July 10
July 17
July 31

          If you like this idea and would want to attend, please comment with the date you'd prefer. Any other suggestions would be great, too!