May 29th, 2010

Great America Meet-up

Hello everyone I will be hosting a picnic and Six Flags Great America it will be July 17(Saturday) 2010. It would cost $60 to go that would cover you getting in, an all you can eat buffet, and your ride to and from Six flags. I will be renting a bus from the school bus company I work at and xD I might be the one driving.

There will 3 pick up spots
1) Howard street (L)
2) The Skokie swift(on Dempster)
3)not sure yet need a little help
Pickup times for each of the spots will be updated as soon as I get the 3rd pick up spot.

The max number people to go is 30. Food will in the park they will do everything for us (that's so nice of them xD). The food will be Served for 1 1/2 hour.

For those who have are Season Pass holders it will 30 for you to go.

First payment of $44 or the full 30 if your a season pass holder will be due June 22 so we can get the date we want(which is the day after one of the Lolita birthday) If we cant get the date then the picnic will be pushed back to 24 of July. Its by their application I must pick 2 dates.

Please let me know if you will be going if u do not plan on going thanks for reading the post and I hope to see u at the next time.

To the girls that live far out if u can make it to Desplaines I will meet u there if u want, or if u all can come up with a spot close to Desplaines I'm open to all suggestion. If u come in ur own car I'm sorry but u will have to cover ur own parking fees.

ok girl today is 6/7/10 I hope everyone had a great weekend. For the girl that want to do this meetup $44 is due by the 6/21/10 and 6/22/10 my pp account is reedr76 at yahoo dot com I only have 4 girl that are willing to go I need 20 to book the spot. For those who will be carpooling the $44 will be all that u will have to pay and I will need to know how many will be riding xD so I can be looking for u all at the gate to give u ur tickets.

I'm sorry but this meetup is close there was not enough people and the dead line for the spot have came and went thanks to every lovely lady that wanted to go.
Cardcaptor Sakura

Air and Water show- Sailor and Pirate meet-up!

Air and Water Show Link Here

Ok so Navy pier for a Sailor/Pirate meet-up seems a bit expensive for most people (including me!) but the Air and Water show suggested by the lovely lady_saltina in Chicago is free minus transportation! and it's on my birthday Aug 15th :P

Now since I'm not very familiar with the city I was wondering if there would be space for us on North Avenue Beach (which is where the show is supposed to be) to have a pot-luck picnic during the show? or if there was a similar view somewhere that would have more space? It seems to go rather long, 11am-4 pm though we don't have to stay for all of it if it's too long!