May 30th, 2010

Bodyline Chicago Group Order

IMPORTANT: If an item is sold out when i go place the order, I will just not order that item but I will buy the rest of yours items and send you back the money through paypal. Please go ahead and send the money to my paypal account at gracekawaii at gmail dot com. Otherwise, please give me your paypal email address for me to send a request for money, although much easier for me if you send me the money instead of me making a request.

Does anyone know if there is a paypal fee when we transfer money? And if there is, you are responsible for the paypal fees. Thanks Everyone.

I will be ordering everyone stuff on June 7 from the bodyline to get that flat fix $20 shipping fee. We will just divide this $20 evenly no matter what you get. Please either email me at gracekawaii at gmail dot com or post here with all the info i need to make your order, and i will send u a request request from paypal. I might have a meetup or i can go to the next big meetup to give everyone their stuff. DOES THAT SOUND GOOD N I HOPE I AM DOING THIS RIGHT?????

Thanks everyone, Grace

I will send out money requests through paypal for your items, and all orders have to be paid through paypal no later than June 7. I will pay the $20 to cover everyone, and u can just give me that part of your share when you pick up your order. So all orders has be to be given to me no later than June 6 and has to be paid for by June 7 through paypal.

Everyone should put down product number, size color and be specific about color because some shoes have two types of style (Like shiny & non shiny)?