June 4th, 2010

  • aonele

Final Call for Tea!

Hiya, this is a finalized post about Pinecone Cottage tea for June 12th. Please read this carefully and post questions if you have any!

1) For those of you who RSVP'd, please make sure you will be there that day! If not, you need to let me know at latest by Wednesday. June 9th.
2) For those of you are still not quite sure, please let me know at latest by June 9th as well!
3) If you come and pay for your tea yourself, you don't have to bring a gift :] Just bring your pleasant selves and have fun! I'm counting on you guys to make the party a blast for my family/friends who don't know a lot about lolita!
3) Please bring CASH for the tea! That's how they accept payment.
4) For those of you who are vegan or vegetarian, please let me know ASAP. I asked them about a vegan menu, and they said it's no problem, so I'm going to assume that they will serve vegan when asked.
5) The cost is about $22! Woot! :D
6) We'll meet at the Downers Grove Train station at 1pm, which is right across from the tea place. There's also a parking lot right in front and to the back of the tea place.

Guest list:
1) kimiboo
2) lady_saltina 
3) hellowonderland + guest.
4) misslyz
5) devilhunter_04
6) yoshikiart (vegan)
7) Yoskhikiart's guest (I'm lazy and I dun wanna change the numbering again D: )
8) needsmorelace + guest
9-14) myself, family and friends.
15) sugarcakesales 
16) ucanwalkonwater  + guest
17) lovely_lolita87

Right now we're looking at about 20 people. If anyone is interested in joining, please let me know ASAP!