June 5th, 2010

High Voltage

June 5 Tea Update

          In regards to today's Saturday, June 5 Lolita Day Picnic, I'd like to remind everyone that the weather forecast is still looking dismal, although it has not rained yet. Please bring umbrellas and be prepared for inclement weather.

          In the event that it is raining at the meeting time, we will assemble at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, which is just North of the zoo entrance. (It's the large glass building--kind of hard to miss.)

          I apologize that I could not come up with a suitable free alternative. Please use your best judgment in deciding whether or not to attend! I believe I've exchanged telephone numbers with everyone, so please call or text message me if you will not be coming.

          Cross your fingers that it won't be stormy!!

Bodyline Group Order Update!!! IMPORTANT!!!!

Please calculate your stuff and send your total amount due without the shipping to gracekawaii at gmail dot com as a gift (that skips the fees)!!!! When you pick you your stuff, you can give me the remaining share of the shipping cost and/or paypal fees. REMEMBER, I wont include the order if I don't have your share of money in my paypal (except for Kimi - i got u girl)! Otherwise, if you are still confuse, just leave me your paypal email here so i can send you a money request!