June 12th, 2010

Knight and Maiden Shopping Service

Sandwich Antique Market, "More on 34" weekend, and a Picnic

What: Annual Sandwich IL Antique Market and "More on Rt.34" Garage sale weekend, and a short Picnic in the afternoon
When: June 20th
Where: Sandwich, IL 60552
How to get there: There's a Train station in Plano, IL and one in Aurora. I can pick people up from either one, if you don't want to drive.
Cost: **$5 admission fee for the antique fair*** Otherwise, just bring some spending money, if you'd like. : )

There's actually another post about this event here:  http://community.livejournal.com/chigothloli/271403.html , but since it's such a small small town, I didn't think anyone else here would know about Sandwich~!

Hello, everyone~

Next weekend, June 19th-20th, My town is having their annual Antique Market and "More on 34" weekend! The Antique Market, located at the fairgrounds in Sandwich, IL, is a laaaaaarge antique fleamarket. Most of the stuff you get there is practically like getting it straight from the factory in that it's DIRT CHEAP (compared to when the prices are marked up in the shops). A looooot of vendors from all over the state/midwest come to sell their stuff, and all of the Antique Stores in the area (5 or 6 within the area) have sales specials as well. Also during the same weekend is More on 34, which is when a lot of the houses along Route 34 have garage sales all at once.

Scouring through these stores, markets, and garage sales, you're BOUND to find Lolita gold in the form of accessories, appliances, furniture, nicknacks, anc DISHES. Teacups, Teasets, Flowery China, etc...  And, in fact, I was just at Prindi's Antique Mall (Sandwich IL has 2 multi-storied antique malls), and there I saw a lot of cute things for the house!

I know it's really short-noticed, but I'd like to organize a small meeting on Sunday, June 20th for this event. Afterwards, we can have a picnic on the grass in the Forest Preserve near here, or even at the Gazebo next to Prindi's Antique Mall..

Anywya, at the Market/More on 34/Antique Stores, you'll find things like:

SOOO Many teacup, tea sets, coffee sets, and cute dishes, you won't know what to do with yourself!

http://www.crazy4me.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Antique-Mall-Booth-1.jpg   (Old Times Antique Mall, Sandwich IL, ground level) 



Vintage Jewelry and accessories: 


vintage furniture and accessories: 



beautiful rococo/versailles-inspired paintings and prints in elaborate frames,


And lots of other cute and sweet things to decorate your room/house with!





It would be really great if some people wanted to have a Lolita meet-up and scour through the antiques together~! After all, what's more fun to do together in Lolita than to shop???