June 14th, 2010

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Botanical Gardens?

I was wondering if anyone would be down with a trip to the Botanical Gardens in early August?  We could all convene at my house and carpool there.  Its something like $15/car, and we could pack our own lunches (the food there is good, but pretty pricey).

The rose gardens should be in full bloom and smell wonderful between mid July and mid August, but since there's already a July meet, I thought August would be good.  A Saturday or Sunday would be best, I suppose.  I'd love to go to the Bonsai exhibit on the 21st (Saturday), or the Farmer's Market in the 15th.  Right now I'm just putting out feelers for it, to see interest.  Any event or day in August would be fine, except the 22nd because I'm going with a group to the Bristol red fest that day.

So what does everyone think about this?  I'll get exact days and stuff when I get an idea of what everyone wants to do.

Here's a link to the events page:


July would be fine for a meetup as well, as long as it doesn't overlap other events.