June 17th, 2010

Lets go to Six Flags now

I know there is a Six Flags picnic planned for July 17th but I was wondering if anyone wanted to go sooner?

Right now if you buy tickets online they are BOGO so that's $30 a person with tax(parking not included). Unfortunately the sale ends July 9th so we would have to go soon. I would really really really love to go during the week since I have days off and the park isn't as crowded. I'm looking at Monday June 28th and Wednesday June 30th. Dates in July I would like to go are the 5th, 6th or 7th.

Parking is $15 but I am up for carpooling(I'm from Crystal Lake). I also thought if there were too many of us coming from opposite directions we could possibly meet at Gurnee Mills somewhere, park there and drive to Six Flags in one car. That would really cut down on parking fees if everyone pitched in.

I'm sorry for the short notice but I don't think I can attend the July 17th picnic since I really want to attend the meet and greet on the 24th. It's hard for me to ask off Saturdays :( and I'd really love to go with more lolis ♥

btw: this is not a picnic event like the other one, you will have to bring food or buy it at the park for lunch.