June 19th, 2010

Knight and Maiden Shopping Service

Antique Market -- Last Reminder


The Who:

Confirmed guests:



The When/Where:
Aurora Train Station @ 9:30~10:00am

The intersection of Railroad Street and South Main Street (The Parking Lot near the intersection), Sandwich, IL 60552 @ 10:45-11:00am

Prindi's Antique Mall
or Olde Timers Antique Mall, Sandwich, IL @  ~4:15pm~5:00pm

Sandwich Antique Market  @ 8:00am-4:00pm

The Cost:

$5 per person to enter the antique fair

If you are 100% coming or 100% not coming, please leave a comment below with a simple "Yes" or "No."

Just sending out a last-minute reminder note to everyone~ Who is all going to go to the Sandwich Antique Market on Sunday, June 20th??

If you need a ride to/from the train station, Sugarcakesales is taking people to and from the Aurora Metra train station that day. : ) But if enough people go, then I will be there with my car to pick up more people also.

For picking up lolis at the Aurora Train station: 
We will be meeting up there between 9:30~10:00am, so please try to arrive there as near to that time as you can. I think the metra comes in at ~9:45 on Sundays.

After we pick them up (depending on how many of them there are, if there are a 4+ girls coming by train, then I'll pick some up, too), we will meet in Sandwich for a potluck Picnic. Then when the picnic brunch/lunch is over, we will take a head-count, and all head over to the Antique market together.

The hours for the market are 8am-4pm. After the market closes, we can all go together to
one of the Antique Malls in the area until they close at around 5. Then it's back
I would also like to encourage you to bring some picnic food, though it doesn't necessarily need to be a lot, because not many people have confirmed that they are going. There are only about 10 people altogether who are interested in going. In any case, I'll be sure to bring some stuff to munch on, too. So, if you have any allergies, please let us know~!

In any case, my phone number is (815) 710-9230, so if you need to reach me at any time, just give me a call~

Hope to hear back from you soon! It's TOMORROW~