June 24th, 2010

July 24 meet up Raffle

I was wondering if anyone that is coming the the Meet up on July 24 would be interested in doing a raffle?

Everyone could pay $5 per raffle ticket via paypal before the event

and then I could order prizes such as bags, socks and/or accessories from a brand or bodyline a local accessory store (to avoid shipping costs) depending on the amount of raffle tickets sold 


Limit is 5 tickets

DEADLINE to sign up for the Raffle and Picnic as well as raffle payment is JULY 10

15 tickets sold =  visa gift card
25 tickets sold =  bodyline or visa gift card
50 tickets sold  = Brand, bodyline, or visa gift card


THE PRIZES WILL BE A Visa GIFT CARD and a beautiful stained glass jewelry from a Local artist/ etsy store Elfstone

that way the winner could buy whatever they want from wherever they want. I apologize this is the first time I have hosted a raffle or a large event but I think this way is easier and happy for everyone

1. misslyz (1 ticket) PAID
2. aourai  (1 ticket) PAID
3. Jade (1 ticket) PAID
4. [info]kimiboo (1 ticket) PAID
5. mari_posa21 (1 ticket) PAID
6. kyttyee (2 ticket) PAID
7. tokudama (1 ticket) PAID
8. poichi (5 ticket) PAID
9.  [info]ellejayvee  (5 tickets) PAID
10 [info]artemiscangee  (2 tickets) PAID
11. ninamori_san (1 ticket) PAID
12. [info]vomitrocity  (2 tickets) PAID
13. burnt_tuna (2 tickets) PAID