July 13th, 2010

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Botanical Gardens Trip Official post!

When: Saturday August 21, Noon-whenever we get tired

Where: www.chicagobotanic.org/visit/directions Directions straight to it there.  If anyone wants to meet up inside the city and carpool, we can arrange that too.  I know my car might have room for a couple of people, my room mates don't know yet if they want to come.

Cost: Admission is free, and vehicle costs are as follows:

  $20 per car
$7 for senior citizens on Tuesdays
$25 per van
$60 per limousine, minibus, bus & RV
Parking is free for members

They also have a tour on a tram that's super fun and pretty, and costs $6 ($5 for members) that I would LOVE to go on. 

So we should cram as many people as is safe into cars for cost efficiency. 

Last time I went, we parked in the first lot we saw, which I believe was the center where the classes are.  It was empty that day, which was almost EXACTLY the same weekend last year.

What to bring:

-Lunch, or money to purchase lunch in the cafeteria.
-Sun Block.  Even if you have a parasol, its a botanical garden, not an arboretum.  There isn't that much shade,
-A Camera.  I suggest everyone who can bring one does so.  There's so much there to photograph besides lovely people in lovely clothing.

Here's a list of all the events going on that day:

Midwest Bonsai Society Show and Sale
Garden Chef Series
Japanese Garden Summer Festival
Heirloom Tomato Weekend
Family Drop-In Activities

Please RSVP so I have a head count and know who to look for.