July 27th, 2010

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Just wanted to give everyone the four to five months heads up that the Moscow Ballet is coming to Chicago!
They will be performing the Nutcracker On December 18th! At 3PM!

It looks so pretty!

If you use the "SAVE" code in the promotions and special offers box, you can save $20 per ticket! 
I have to say, every time I've put it in at the different ticket levels, I've been getting some pretty awesome seats!
Click Here for tickets.
Who will try to attend?
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Bodyline GO

I was planning on getting myself a parasol and some other accessories from Bodyline, and after putting out some feelers on Facebook it seems like at least a few other people are interested in doing a GO.  I would prefer we plan a meetup to divy up the goods instead of shipping everything out once its arrived.  I've also never done a GO before, and would like very much to get some tips, like how people can order in a manner I can easily keep track of. >.>

So two questions:

1. Who would be in on this
2. Is there a program I can use or a web page I can go to to track what everyone bought?  My other option is to make invoices using Excel for each order.