July 29th, 2010

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Bodyline GO is Go!

Okay here's how its going to go down:

e-mail me with this information:

Full name:
LJ name:
Paypal e-mail:
Links to the items you want:

I'll make up invoices for everyone who is involved and then send out paypal money requests.  If you live close enough to me (I'm in the north side) we can just meet this weekend and you can pay me cash and then you won't have any paypal fees.  Speaking of paypal fees, I need the fee calculator link if anyone has it.

If you don't mind meeting me for payment add that in your e-mail and we can plan to meet somewhere.  I know there's an Argo Tea at Broadway and Briar and one at the Merch Mart.

Shipping is a flat rate, $20, and will be split PER PERSON, so even if there's five people it'll be $4 per person regardless of how many items you purchase.

It says on the site that there is a 5% chance that we can get hit with taxes.  If this happens,  I will send out a mass e-mail about it and calculate each person's portion of the tax by how much they spent.

Delivery will be in person, unless you really can't make it.  If you can't make it or live kind of far away, I can ship if needed, and I'll invoice shipping costs to your paypal and ship once I have the payment.  I'll add tracking, which costs like $0.70 so its totally worth it.  If you want insurance, I think its like $1 for every $10 its insured for.

Send e-mails to aourai at witty dot com

Paypal invoices will come from my other e-mail writer at loveable dot com

If I'm doing something wrong, let me know.  This is my first time running a GO, so I'm going by GOs I've been a part of.

I'll be placing the order Monday August 9th so you have until Sunday August 8th to send e-mails and Sunday night I'll be sending out invoices.  Please make sure the invoices are paid by Monday evening so I can send out the order on time.

I plan on doing more than one of these (I want shoes too. >.>) and possibly an order to petticoat junction too in the future so if I'm screwing anything up I need to know so  I can fix it.  I was actually thinking a quarterly GO would be a good idea.  Bodyline shipping is awesome, since its just $20 flat.

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