August 18th, 2010

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Botanical Gardens Trip timeline

Just an update of the time line for the BC trip, in case people want to come late and want to know where we are.

11:50-12:15: Meet at the information center and gift shop.  Pick up your tour ride tickets if you are going to come with during this time.
12:15-1:00: Tour ride.
1:00-1:45: Lunch.  You can bring food or pick up something to eat at the Visitors Center, which has a cafe attached.  This is also a good time to check out souvenirs if you might want some, but we'll try and hit it once more so people don't have to carry stuff with them all day.
1:45-2:00: Pictures in the Heritage Garden
2:00-2:15: Rose Garden walk. 
2:15-2:45: Walk through the Dwarf Conifer Garden to the south part of the Japanese Island Garden.
2:45-3:30: Walk through the Japanese Garden.  I'm giving lots of time for this garden because it has lots of beautiful picture opportunities and it is a beautiful and peaceful place with lots to see.
3:30-4:00: Waterfall garden
4:00-4:30: English Oak Meadow and English Walled Garden
4:30-5:15: Greenhouses.
5:15-7:00: After the greenhouses we can talk about the other sights we want to see before we leave.  There's just too much to see all in one day.  If we end up staying until dark Evening Isle should be the last stop because its apparently gorgeous at night.

If you plan on arriving late please PM me so I can send you my cell number and my fiance's cell as well so you can catch up to us or find out if we were able to stay on track for time. 

What to bring:
-Sunblock and/or a parasol.  Many of the gardens are full sun and there is limited shade.
-Water.  We don't want anyone getting dehydrated.  I suggest investing in the water bottle you can purchase from the cafe.  It's refillable for like $1 every time you come (water is free) and helps support the garden.  I love mine.
-Some form of bug repelent.  The Japanese island is gorgeous, but an island and surrounded by water.  It does get kind of biggy.
-Comfy shoes.  There will be a lot of walking, so if you don't have comfy shoes to coordinate, either bring a second pair for pictures or ask for your shoes to be cut out.

Parking is $20/car, a little more for vans.  The tram tour is $6.

Also I'd love it if, after the get together, everyone let me know what they think.  There's special packages for large groups, and if enough people say they'd like to do this again (maybe in October for a foliage viewing?) I'll look into packages. 

If you are 100% sure you are coming please let me know.  I've had a lot of maybes because of Wizard World and I'm starting to get mixed up as to who is and who is not. 

Can't wait to see you all there!

Attendance list so far:
lady_saltina (carpooling with me)
devilhunter_04  and MsLyz +2 friends
dol_the_elven +1 (most likely)
needsmorelace  +2 guests
treesdancealone +1 (mentioned they have room to carpool, and are coming from Skokie)
Kimiboo (she's also riding with me)
tuesday72093 +1

Maybes or late arrivals:

There are also 15 yes and 21 maybe on my Facebook events page, but I know some of those overlap the RSVPs here.