September 5th, 2010

  • kimiboo


Hello everyone. I know I'm going to japan next summer but I will push it back if I can get some girls willing to go to California. I really would love to take a trip to BTSSB with some Lolita girls. I might can also get some of the California girls to have a meet up while we are there. I always want to take a trip with girls I enjoy and love its a way we all can get to know each other better. Lord Bow Wow and I would really love it if more people would come with us to California. The cost would be about $320-$380 for a round trip ticket for a weekend unless u want to go for more days I'm looking to go the 2nd week or 3rd week of June. All I ask is that everyone would buy their plane ticket by December. The hotel can always be added later so in the end we will be paying less than $500-$550 for the whole trip. If no one wants to go that's fine as well xD I want everyone to have a great summer any way it goes. I love u all and thanks for reading this and thinking about it.