September 13th, 2010

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As promised, Botanical Gardens trip: Autumn Colors!

October is looking promising. My Farmer's Almanac says with the moderate weather starting so early in September, October should be milder, but still pretty cool.  This means it will take the trees longer to drop their leaves and the colors will be there for a bit longer.

To celebrate autumn colors and the seasonal fresh fruit, I thought we could plan a meetup for October 17th.  That is a Sunday.  The Farmer's Market is open that day, and there's even a list of the best parts of the garden to see that time of year.  Actually, the day specified for the Take a Fall Walk is the 18th, which I figure for people who work M-F jobs would be a really bad idea, as well as people who go to school.  So the 17th it is!

The cost of such a trip may vary greatly depending on what you do and bring as well as how you get there.  If you take public transit you can get in for free, and if you drive its $20 per car.  Carpooling, however, is suggested.  I'll copy off of misslyz and start a list of attendees and who has cars.  If you are driving, let me know where you are located so people can get a hold of you in your area.

If we want to, we can also go to Mitsuwa Market right after like we did last time.

When: Sunday October 17th, 11:00-5:00 then to Mitsuwa for dinner and shopping.  RAIN CHECK DAY: Sunday October 24th.
Where: Chicago Botanical Gardens
Price: $0-$40
What to bring: Lunch or money for lunch, proper shoes for walking, an umbrella or waterproof parasol in case of rain, a camera.

aourai Driving.  Room for three. Edgewater (North part of town) really close to the red line.
misslyz Driving.  Room for two.  Barrington/Schuamburg area (suburbs)
needsmorelace  +1 coming from
Schaumburg Has room for two more
elerronyar   Room for two, driving in from the city
different_mix Driving in from Mitsuwa area, can drive others or help fill a car


Maybe attending:
lokii23 +1
ironmely  Needs a ride from Hyde Park

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