October 17th, 2010

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Hello all!

I don't know how interested you all might be in this...but the Noble Horse Theater is performing Sleepy Hollow
It is quite pricey... which I'm not keen on, buuut...

I'm so excited for the holiday season and I really think we should have a meetup and go see the Nutcracker on horseback!!

"Be swept away by a story straight from a child's dream.
See beautiful fairies on horseback, toy soldiers battling the mouse army, and our amazing white stallions."

Obviously it's not reaaaally the Nutcracker, but there are horse performances based on the Nutcracker and it just looks so cute!
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The AX, BTSSB, AP Trip

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I will be call the hotel today to see what the cost will for a room. As for getting to AP, BTSSB, and Black Peace Now, depending on what time of the day we go it will be a 6-8hour drive unless we go early then its only a hour or 2. I would need to know how many people are going so I can get the right size car or van. The only public transportation is the amtrak and its like $56-60 round trip.

(edit) I called the Stillwell hotel and they are not giving any info until next year. I did find other hotels and the lowest I found was $50-60 a night for the week so it will end up $300-360 a room, so that will be like $150-180 a person.

 December 11, 2010 will be when the money for the plane tickets to California.