October 25th, 2010

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Post-Dresden Dolls mini meetup!

 Hi everyone! I am new to the comm so let me know if I'm missing anything from this.

A few girls have said they will be at the Dresden Doll's concert and would be interested in meeting up afterwards for late night noms. misslyz helpfully suggested we meet up at Clarke's after. Of course, you don't have to go to the concert to be there for the post AFP wonderment, but it will be difficult to gauge when the show will be over. If anyone is interested in just after-show breakfast, let me know and I'll give you my phone number and we can text when it's getting close to go-time. I assume the show will be over around midnight as it starts at 8 and 4 hours is a long damn time for a show.

Anywho, here is Clarke's website: www.clarkesdiner.com/index.html. The menu is on there. It is 24 hrs. The location we will be at is a quick walk at  3145 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL. Food should be between $10-20. Feel free to come even if you're not in full on lolita, it will be a casual meetup. 
Show: Nov 17
Meetup: Midnight, ish
Location: 3145 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL

Please rsvp below with any guests so I know how big of a table to get at the restaurant ^.^

Also, OT, but I'm considering planning a meetup in Champaign that involves cupcakes, tea, possibly the Nutcracker or Ballet, sanrio, and other such wonderment. Would anyone be interested in making the drive here to do it? I'll probably also crosspost this feeler at St Louis Lolis, since it's an equal drive.