November 30th, 2010


Monthly Craft Meet?

After meeting everyone at the last tea meetup, I met even more crafters! I was wondering if there are, or if anyone would be interested in arranging a little monthly meeting where we can get together and knit or sew or do whatever projects we have.  I love to craft with other people and with Christmas coming up we could use a little kick to be extra-productive!
  • misslyz

Date for Holiday Party

I was going back and forth between the dates because I completely forgot about the Ballet for the 18th and really want everyone to be together for the holidays but I have decided though that the 18th would be the day for the holiday party. It is after my exams and would give me more time to prepare.

Holiday Party
Date: Saturday December 18th
Time: 4:30pm- 10pm (I would say 10pm the latest)
Location: My place I will message my address to those who are interested. (But the zip code is 60010)

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