December 20th, 2010

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Putting out feelers

I don't know when he'll be doing this next, but an artist by the name of Tom Kelly occasionally does custom art at the comic shop I work at.  Specifically, he does Hello Kitty as any character you can present a reference picture to.  He mostly does DC/Marvel type characters, but he did Sunako from The Wallflower and Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim and did them wonderfully with just a reference pic.

This may seem off topic, but I know there are a lot of Lolitas in this community that are also a bit on the nerdy side like me, and I KNOW at least a couple of you are serious Hello Kitty fans.  Heck, even if you're not, you can bring a picture of your favorite Lolita model or print and have him draw HK in that.

I want to know, next time he's in town who might want to actually have a get together, meet at the shop (third coast comics on Broadway and Granville, right off of the red line's Granville stop), maybe go out to dinner (I know at least three sushi places near by that are really quite good), and then back to my house for a movie or something?  I'd make a day of it, and not just have it be about coming by the shop and buying art from a local artist.

So anyway, does this sound like a good idea to anyone?  It would be an inexpensive meetup.  The pics are only $6, and dinner can be as expensive or inexpensive as the individual wants.

Here are links to some of the pictures he made.  If they don't work for non-twitter users or for people who aren't on the flist of the user (who is the owner of the comic shop) I can try saving them and reposting them. (She's my fave Marvel character right now, but then again I <3 Thor) Hello Kitty dressed as Wolverine brings Christmas cheer.
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Another feeler post. Winter Wonderfest Navy Pier Chicago

Hello everyone, I'll be in IL again right after Christmas.  I always go to the winter wonder festival at navy pier with my family every year and its lots of fun. There are rides, and ice skating rink, make your own cookie station, and other forms of entertainment. Its all indoors which is good since I know how cold it gets. I'm most likely going with my family on Tuesday the 28th we might go the 29th though but most likely the 28th. I don't have a set meeting time yet but it opens at 10am. I still have yet to meet an IL lolitas and was thinking this would be a good opportunity.

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