January 4th, 2017

Facebook Group Update - Mod Post

Hello Everyone,

After much discussion between the Moderators, it has been decided that we should do a member cleanup so that we can focus on those folks who live locally and/or are active in the community.

It can be very difficult with over 500 members in this group. People don't always see the FB invites or we can't invite everyone to events because of FB's restrictions. Sometimes folks don't feel comfortable attending events because of how large our member list is!

Like many other large cities, we host a variety of conventions in our area. This brings lolitas from near and far that want to connect. We've got you covered! Join our Chigothloli - Chicago Convention Connection group! This group will be the place for people who are interested in lolita but aren't quite ready to start participating in the community, or who don't live locally, but come to Chicago for conventions. You should join the group as well! We hope that it provides a good meeting space that doesn't compromise the integrity of the close community we've all built over the years.

We will be cleaning the members list based on the responses to the activity counter event that was created a couple months ago (which just ended on January 1st.) We felt that this was a generous amount of time for an active member of the community to respond.

The criteria for staying a member is VERY simple:
- Must live in the Chicago area.
- OR -
- Must attend non-convention events in the Chicago area at least every 6 months.
- AND -
- Must actively wear lolita or a partnering fashion.

The participation metric is obviously subject to change, but we felt it was fair for now. If you or your friend is removed in error, please let one of the mods know. I'm sure it's going to happen in a community of over 500 people!

We hope that 2017 brings our community happiness, health, and plenty of activity! <3