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Midsummer Picnic Gathering

This an event I am hosting in Barrington IL for a Midsummer Picnic Gathering! Please feel free to attend and enjoy. <3


                            ~WHEN:  June 7th Sunday @ 12pm - 4p CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER
            Date change:  At a later date getting details from the park manager

                                            ~WHERE:  Jewel Tea Pavillion in Barrington Illinois 60010

(It is off of Lake Zurich Road/Northwest Highway)   Click for a detailed map below. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Jewel+Tea+Pavilion/@42.1625208,-88.1260907,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x10d6f4d4dd8e9034

                                                                             ~ What is it?~  
It is a gathering at a beautiful and whismical location! The theme is whimsy, fairytale and mori girl like.


                                                                                           ~PICNIC ~

Please bring one item to share with everyone or for yourself! See List for food ideas.~ There will be some coolers to help us get cooled down just in case.

       Some inspiration from pinterest!


                                                Some Summery Games!!
Pail toss           Ribbons        Hula Hoop (if you can ;)       BUBBLES!      COLORED BUBBLES!!

There is a Metra close by about a 1 mile away and train is an option. There will be someone to pick people up at the train station if you do not wish to walk for about 20minutes.

If anyone has anyquestions please feel free to message me or call/text me. My number is 847-650-2195. :) <3

Tags: $10-$20, $20-$30, barrington, picnic, sunday, tea

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