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Chicago Gothic & Lolita

Japanese Gothic & Lolita Fashion in the Midwest

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A place for Chicago/Illinois Lolitas and Aristocrats to chat and plan meetups
Lolita and Aristocrats of Chicago
and Illinois

ChiGothLoli Facebook

ChiGothLoli - Chicago Convention Connection

This is a place for all the Lolita and Lolita fashion followers of Chicago/Illinois to gather and chat. Feel free to plan meetups, get to know each other, and talk about our fair city!

If you are planning a meetup, or making any other entry, please tag it appropriately. Some details on tagging entries in the community is mentioned in this post.

DON'T FORGET: Meetups (and community members) do not have to be in the city of Chicago! Meetups and events should be within a reasonable distance of the state of Illinois--bordering states are welcome. If you are in Illinois or nearby, please feel free to join and connect with lolita local to your area. Please remember to tag your meetup or inquiry with your town's name! It helps other people find you and your event.

Introductions are always welcome!

Advertisements and sales posts will be deleted.

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